God of War 5 When Can We Expect It On Our Play Station? What will Storyline Be And What Can we Expect?

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God of War 5 is on its way. Sony Santa Monica’s next entry into the series is just the second instalment of the proposed trilogy that began with God of War 4 PS4.

The franchise gave a new polished touch to the game with the God of War 4 PS4, and everything from camera angles to story changed. We had Kratos enter Norse Mythology after finishing off all the Greek Gods.

Will God of War 5 release on PS?

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Sony Santa Monica is still producing and developing the next instalment. According to sources, the game might not release on PlayStation 4 and PS 4 Pro. With its new-gen tech, it is expected to release on PlayStation 5. The director isn’t too keen on having a next-gen game, because the consoles for that require excessive work. But, since the game is slated to release on PS 5, we can expect it to be next-gen.

Has development started?

The motion capture for the 5th instalment has already begun, so we can assume development is underway.

What will the storyline be?

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Source: Youtube.com

God of War 5 is expected to run along with the themes of Ragnarok – the apocalypse/the end of time according to Norse Mythology. God of War 4 had Kratos and Atreus trigger the apocalypse. Since both the 5th and 6th parts are left in the trilogy, there is a lot more to come!

Fans have speculated that God of War 5 might be Kratos trying to protect his son from the angry Norse Gods. At the end of God of War, we saw Atreus get a vision of the future where Thor himself came to avenge his sons. Odin and Freya to have lost Baldur at Kratos’s hands. They might be angry at the father-son duo for triggering Ragnarok, which means the end of all nine realms, even if unintentionally. They are expected to be the main villains this time around.

When does it release?

God of War 5 will release in mid-2021 after the announcement this year.


Sony Santa Monica teased the 5th instalment in the series with a picture at the end of God of War 4 where etched at the bottom are the words ‘Ragnarok is coming’, so a lot of foreshadowing.

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