Norse Mythology - The 95+ Best Images, Videos & Discussions About Norse Mythology

Norse Mythology – The 95+ Best Images, Videos & Discussions About Norse Mythology

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Mythology: 3 Manuscripts – Greek Mythology, Celtic Mythology, Norse Mythology (Mythology Collection Book 1) by Scott Lewis…

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?︎ Jul 18 2018

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?︎ Jul 11

In the first Thor movie, Odin’s horse has eight legs. While it is never mentioned in the movie, this is Sleipnir – Odin’s steed from Norse Mythology.

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?︎ Jun 24

GRRM and Fromsoftware Teaming up to make Norse Mythology themed game.

Its (almost) official It seems the rumours could be true, multiple sources stating George RR Martin and Fromsoftware are teaming up on a new game themed around Norse Mythology apparently called Great Rune. Literally cannot wait. Expected to be announced at E3 2019

Edit : Link to article

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?︎ May 21

Fortnite’s Storyline Is Following the Norse Mythology of Ragnarok

Ever since season 5, the idea of Fortnite following the Norse Mythology of Ragnarok has been a possibility hence the tier 100 outfit named Ragnarok.

The story of Ragnarok didn’t begin until the end of season 6 in which we saw the appearance of the iceberg out in the ocean. Upon the iceberg colliding with the island, the Ice King summoned an Ice Storm upon the island, this being Fimbulwinter (a winter that lasts three normal winters without any summer in between).

Here’s where things get a little confusing. The following events take place out of order in relation to the Norse mythology of Ragnarok. In the mythology, The monstrous wolf Fenrir and Jormungand, a sea serpent, are set free. Following this, Loki, the traitor of the gods, breaks free from the chains that the Gods have locked him in. Fenrir/Jormungand resembles the monster from Polar Peak, and Loki resembles the Fire King/Prisoner.

Anyways, back to Season 7. It can be deduced that the Fire King and Ice King had a “falling ou

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?︎ Jul 12

How did you get into Norse mythology and history?

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?︎ Aug 07

How do Ancient Mythologies (Norse, Greek, Celtic, etc) still impact in your country’s culture?

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?︎ Aug 08

Norse Mythology Family Tree

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?︎ Jul 10

Feh is giving Norse mythology the fate treatment rn

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?︎ Jun 10

Is there a Greek myth book on the same level as Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology?

I found Gaiman’s book to be very easy to read and it made the mythology both easy to understand and fun. Anything somewhere close to that for the Greek/Roman myths would be awesome.

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?︎ Jul 12

Would this game teach me about Norse Mythology like the original trilogy did with Greek?

I feel like after playing a God of War game from back then, i left it with a good amount learned about Greek mythology. Will this game teach true Norse or did they remix it

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?︎ Jul 04

The Thor we see is much nicer than the Thor in Norse mythology, apparently.

Been playing God of War and it inspired me to read up on our buddy. The guy was a dick! The frost giants were trying to chill and build stuff and here comes Thor with his hammer.

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?︎ Aug 10

Should I buy the Neil Gaiman Norse mythology book?

I want to learn about Norse mythology because I think it would be interesting. So is that book a good way to start learning about it???

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?︎ Aug 03

In Avengers:Infinity War, as the Q ship is landing in New York, the ship sounds like someone blowing a horn loudly. In Norse Mythology, the Gjallarhorn is blown to indicate the beginning of Ragnarok and the end of the Cosmos. You can quite clearly hear it at 01:10

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?︎ Aug 05

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?︎ Jul 11

(Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice) Just completed my own journey and can’t help the feels….Hearing the Norse Mythology also kept me thinking and joining pieces and different yet almost similar takes of God of War.

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?︎ Jul 31

For those who got into Norse mythology thanks to God of War, it looks like From Software and George RR Martin are working together on a Norse inspired, open-world RPG

God of War really made me fall in love with the whole Norse mythos and I feel like it is very under represented in the gaming industry. That being said, I think thats about to change thanks to how great God of War was and the spotlight it put on Norse Mythology. The Dark Souls trilogy were always a favorite series of mine and if the rumors are true, i can’t wait to see the finished product which will no doubt be possible in part due to the success of God of War

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?︎ May 22

So excited for this hero. You can see the great world serpent in the clouds. So cool. I hope her dialogue is focused on ragnarok and Norse mythology.

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?︎ Jul 24

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?︎ Jul 11

What’s up with JRPG’s fondness for norse/germanic mythology?

I had this epiphany while I was walking around this morning,

Anyway, Final Fantasy has characters such as Fenrir, Odin, Frejia (spelling?).

Bravely Default has the valkyrie class (which I used more than anything else)

There is that cute game Odin’s Sphere, which unfortunately I never got a good hang of.

Then valkyria chronicles.

Oh, and in the .hack series, there’s something called Wotan’s Spear, but I can’t recall the specifics.

We see this in animation too: Ponyo’s original name is Brunhilde, just to name one.

Where do you think the love for norse myths comes from? I know greek and celtic lore gets some representation too but norse lore is overwhelming in this area 🙂

TIL: Hugin and Muninn are two divine Ravens from Norse Mythology.

I had literally no idea until I caught an injured crow today. I had hoped that it was just an injured wing but my friend (bird expert) stopped by and immediately discovered internal bleeding. Unfortunately we had to put it down but afterwards she suggested we name it either hugin and muninn and it all came together in one glorious burst of realization.

That is all reddit, carry on.

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?︎ Jul 14

Swedish man interferes with norse mythology

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?︎ Aug 11

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?︎ May 22

TIL that in Norse mythology at the end of the world (Ragnarok) the gods–Odin, Thor, Loki and the others–as well as all humans, will die. Evil triumphs over good, and the world will be engulfed in water.…

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?︎ Feb 07

I created an interactive story/game based in Norse mythology. You start as a traveling warrior in Midgard and will venture across all of the Realms, engage in battles, and solve puzzles while competing against other players!

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?︎ Jul 15

Norse mythology starterpack

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?︎ Jun 14

Literature recommendations for getting into norse mythology

So, well I’m in search for a book that teaches me about the norse mythology. Do you have recommendations here?

At first there seems to be the Edda, although there are 2 versions of it. Is this the most complete collection of the myth or is there even more then? Is this even suitable for a start or is it rather a hard and dry read?

Then there would be “Norse Mythology” by Neil Gaiman. Seems to be easier literature than the Edda itself, but is it complete and faithful to the source material?

Or are there other books, even better suited?

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?︎ Jul 15

Do you think Scandinavian wizards & culture have connections with norse mythology? If so how also would anyone be intrested in a story like that?

Runes bieng much more powerful & useful in that part of the world trolls & giants bieng much more intelligent . The norse gods either bieng real as deities or wizards that muggles just worshipped as gods. Dwarves bieng the main bankers & creating wepons akin to godrics sword.

The beast & monsters would be intresting as well as other races. Light & dark elves. The world serpent actually bieng real. Giant wolf’s

More varied & war like magic. Divination bieng prevalent

Getting to explore durmstrang
Would anyone be intrested in something like this?

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?︎ Jun 28

I had a blast working on all aspect of that project in my free time. It’s the oppening of a broadcast about historical veracity in video games such has assassin’s creed. It represent the world creation from norse mythology.

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?︎ Jul 22

The term “cold as hell” only really makes sense if you’re talking about Helheim from Norse mythology

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?︎ Jul 11

Neat to see just how foundational Norse mythology is to Tolkien’s creation of his legendarium

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?︎ Aug 11

When it comes to Norse Mythology, what are some current practices that people partake in?

Working on making Nidavellir (home of the dwarves in Norse Mythology) haven’t been working that long but this is what I have so far.

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?︎ Aug 02

This made me believe in the norse mythology

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?︎ Jul 28

USS Iowa vs. Zumwalt-class Destroyer vs. Thousand Sunny (One Piece) vs. Black Pearl & Flying Dutchman (Pirates of the Caribbean) vs. the Jackdaw (Assassin’s Creed IV) vs. Skíðblaðnir (Norse Mythology)

Everyone is fighting in the Atlantic. Skíðblaðnir is being manned by Freyr, the MCU version of Thor and Odin. Black Pearl has been damned and the USS Iowa is the version which was reconstructed during the 80s.

Captains:Iowa: Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

Zumwalt: Admiral John Richardson

Thousand Sunny: Monkey D. Luffy

Black Pearl: Jack Sparrow

Flying Dutchman: Davy Jones

Jackdaw: Edward Kenway

Skíðblaðnir: Freyr

Round 1: Distance is 0.1 nautical miles

Round 2: Distance is one nautical mile

Round 3: Distance is ten nautical miles.

Round 4: Distance is fifty nautical miles.

BONUS ROUND: The crews of all ships end up on land. Who wins the fight?

BONUS ROUND 2: Saxton Hale joins the fight on a small jetski. Does he change anything?

Fantasy books on Norse mythology?

In terms of Icelandic/Norse mythology, What are Titania and Oberon(Queen and King of the Fae respectively) considered as? Are they extremely powerful powerful deitys? Or are they on the weaker side? Are they even really dietys at all?

I’m writing(more really in the process of ideas) for a Modern Fantasy book about multiple mythos and Gods of different pantheons, ..
where should Titania and Oberon be on a “Power Scale”? Considering that I’m putting in pantheons such as Norse, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Egyptian, Jeudo-Christan(and many more). I know this is a lot, I’m trying to learn a lot about mythologies and I would like some help on thisI couldn’t find much about Titania and Oberon as a whole(considering they are mostly from Shakespeare).

Thor’s age in Avengers: Infinity War is a reference to the fact that Thor was first mentioned in Norse Mythology in 523 AD, about 1500 years before Infinity War came out (2018).

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?︎ Jul 15

(MANGA SPOILERS) Further reflections on Norse mythology

I made a post a while back on how I thought Norse Mythology could affect the story going forward and here are some further recent thoughts:

  • Oda confirmed that an eyepatch wielding pirate will eventually appear in OP’s final stages, and I’m calling that like others believe, it will be Luffy in his depiction of inverse-or-not Odin. Odin himself sacrificed an eye for further insight and glory, as Luffy tried to do the very first chapter. Most likely timeframe for this is during or immediately following Luffy’s return of the Straw Hat to Shanks, so as to maintain a distinct epithet, becoming One-eyed Luffy perhaps.

  • While many have contemplated Im-sama being compareable to Mesopotamian sea gods as /u/galleom said, or others, I think another good equivalent is the Norse (Ym

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?︎ Jul 27

Underrated mythology? (Besides Irish or Norse or Greek/Roman)

Like, what did the Iranians believe? What about the old traditions of Christianity or Islam? What about all the Africa, Native American, or Australian Aboriginal beliefs? Are there websites that I can go to for this stuff?

Combining Norse and Irish Mythology? (Question)

I have an idea for a story that I want to write that takes place in a world where both Norse and Irish mythology is true. I believe that the mythologies can coexist because in Norse mythology there are two tribes of gods, the Aesir and the Vanir. The Aesir was the Norse gods everyone knows, Thor, Odin, etc. The Vanir on the other hand only has three gods named as members of the tribe. So I plan on saying in story that the Tuatha De Danann and the Vanir are the same tribe. So what do you think? Do you think that could work? I welcome criticisms and discussion

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?︎ Jul 04

A fantasy book about Norse mythology and vikings?…

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?︎ Jun 26

Need a game idea based on Norse mythology

Hi guys. I would like to know if any of you have any ideas of a game that could incorporate the Norse mythology quite well, the gods, the world, the stories etc. I have been thinking about a rogue like style of game, but can’t really get a good concept down. Any ideas?

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?︎ Jul 20

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?︎ Jul 11

Are Norse mythology/culture tattoos considered as “racist”?

I really like Norse mythology and culture, and I want to get a tattoo of something in that area at some point. But I’m worried it would be seen as something racist, and I don’t want that if that’s what a lot of people will see it as.

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?︎ Jul 23

”I’m into norse mythology” starter pack.

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?︎ May 13

5 Times the MCU Screwed up the Source Material … But no mention of making characters based on Norse mythology black.…

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?︎ Jun 16

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?︎ Jul 12

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?︎ Jul 12

Starting a new world with Norse mythology pack for people to join.

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?︎ Jul 02

Norse Mythology and Camus

I’m not an expert in any way on either subject but finished reading through a bunch of his writings. It popped into my head that his notion of living an absurd life without appeal might relate in many ways to the beliefs of Norse gods in their mythology. I was wondering if anything has been written about that or if people had any thoughts as to how they either do or don’t serve as an example of living an absurd life?

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?︎ Jul 17

Got my first tattoo yesterday. Mjolnir from norse mythology done by Dylan Kiefe at Good Karma Tattoo in Lynnwood WA

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?︎ Jul 26

/u/Platypuskeeper responds to: How do Ancient Mythologies (Norse, Greek, Celtic, etc) still impact in your country’s culture? (+30)…

Gods from mythology (Roman, Greek, Norse, etc.) have access to reddit. What subreddits would they frequent?

Why isnt Celtic or Slavic mythology as popular as Norse Mythology in pop culture?

My band is currently working on a concept album about norse mythology. Here’s our latest song about the death of Baldur 🙂

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?︎ Jul 03

What is the most interesting fact you know about norse mythology?

(MCU) Why did Loki only find out that he was a frost giant in the 21st century when it’s already well documented in Norse Mythology that he is one?

Also how did the residents of Midgard know when Odin kept it tightly under raps?

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?︎ Jun 27

Playing on a new world with norse mythology texture pack. Turned around after digging a hole and nearly shit myself

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?︎ Jun 10

I created a Norse mythology based interactive story/game!

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?︎ Jul 15

Do you guys believe in a HUGE crossover between the series from Riordanverse? (Greek, Egypt and Norse mythology)

The three crossovers that already exists are good, but not huge. They are not even books itself, just short stories.

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?︎ May 05

(Spoilers) Spinfoil Hat: The Drifter Draws Parallels from from Norse Mythology

The symbol for Loki is a snake in the shape of an S. Loki has a child who is a giant snake named Jormungandr.

The symbol for the Drifter is a snake in the shape of an S.

Loki is an outcast of the Aesir.

The Drifter is also an outcast who has done “bad things”.

The Drifter is Loki.

The snake is Jormungandr, the world serpent.

When Ragnarok comes, the world serpent, Jormungandr will fight with Thor, the god of thunder. Jormungandr will poison Thor, and Thor will kill the snake.

Also, the Drifter is working with the Nine. Nine is a very important number in Norse mythology.

There are nine worlds. Odin hung himself from Yggdrasil for nine days and nights. Heimdall was born by nine sisters. Hermod rode Sleipnir (another child of Loki’s) for nine nights to free Baldr from Hel (he was killed because Loki tricked Hodr into killing him)

Thor takes nine steps after killing Jormungandr before falling dead.

Is thi

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?︎ Mar 05

Asgardian hall built on PS4 in full survival, Norse mythology texture pack. Not enough love shown for the ingame texture packs

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?︎ Jun 26

(Manga Spoilers) An analysis on current manga events through the lens of Norse mythology

Hi all,

A year ago, I posted my senior thesis, Attack on Frost Giant. In it, I rambled for 90 pages about Norse mythology and how it ties into SNK. You don’t have to have read it for what I’m about to ramble on about today, but I think quite a bit of the thesis still holds to this day, save for one event involving (Second) Best Pairing that I got reminded of recently and have thus formed thoughts on.

So, when my thesis came out, SNK had just reached Chapter 105. Now that we have a whole slew of new chapters, it’s time I put on my analysis glasses again. Please forgive my slight rustiness in Norse mythology! My excuse is that I’ve been in med school this whole time and my brain barely has time to remember what my name is, let alone the rich tapestry that is Norse mythology.

Before we begin, I want to summarize the argument in my previous thesis: the question Isayama is asking us

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?︎ Jun 05

Sketching. Love Norse mythology

(PC) early 2000s Norse mythology mining game with unit management

Hey everyone! I played this game ages ago and remember you were either gnomes or dwarves I believe and you were tasked with mining down and building bases for your crew. You would have to deal with base building and supplying food and weapons etc so they could fight and Mine better. You were also trying to do something about ragnarok I believe. It’s killing me though and I can’t find the dang name of the game. Any help would be amazing!

Had this idea earlier, hopefully the tree is rebuilt. Norse mythology is Vikings btw

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?︎ Jul 25

First time playing Ironman mode, firstborn child, named him Aske after the first human in norse mythology, got Child of Destiny. I refuse to believe this is a coincidence!

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?︎ May 15

(Theory) (Effort Post) Norse & Hindu Mythology: The Return of Russ, Valdor, Corax and Janus with cameos from Cegorach and Jaghatai Khan

So I posted some of this off-handedly in comment on a post about Valdor earlier but after thinking about it some more… there’s actually one too many parallels here to be an accident on GW’s part, so I can’t help but feel that they’re building to something.

In short, my theory is this:

Russ will return as an Odin-like figure (as opposed to the Thor-like character he was at the time of the Heresy)

He’ll come back from the warp with one-eye missing, having sacrificed it for knowledge (echoing Magnus’s deal with Tzeentch), wielding the Odinspear (Gungnir, the Dionysian Spear), with two Ravens at his side (Corax and Janus) being accompanied by a Baldr-like figure, (Valdor, who wields the twin of Russ’ spear, the Apollonian Spear)


Jaghatai Khan has been chilling with Cegorach in the Black Library. He will return as a Hanuman-like figure (White Monkey, the Monkey King and Supreme Destroyer of Evil)

I’m going to try to elaborate on how I think this could happen, but keep in m

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?︎ Apr 12

Redditors who love mythology, If you got a chance to live within these myths (Norse, Roman, Greek and…..) , which one would you pick and why?

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?︎ Jul 12

Mythology outside of Greek/Roman/Norse

I’m looking for some good books about different mythologies other than the above. Preferably detailing the stories of those mythologies or stories based upon them.

I’ve read Norse Gods by Neil Gaiman so something in that style or similar.

Baby names from Norse mythology

Below are the anglicized versions of Norse myth character names. Be sure to comment your favorite names from this list!


Alruna – (from Ölrún) valkyrie

Frea – (from Frigg) queen of Asgard; goddess of foresight and wisdom. Means “dear, beloved”

Freya – (from Freyja) goddess of love and fertility. Means “lady.”

Heidi – (from Heiðr) woman who was killed by the gods three times and reborn three times, becomes a powerful shaman/seer

Herja – valkyrie whose name means “she who devastates”

Iduna / Idunna – (from Iðunn) goddess of youth and apples. Means “ever young.”

Kara – (from Kára) valkyrie whose name means “the wild one, the stormy one”

Ostara – (from Ēostre) goddess of spring and rebirth. Means “to shine.”

Signy / Signe – common heroine name in Norse folklore and myth

Skadi – (from Skaði) goddess of winter, bowhunting, mountains. Means “shadow.”

Volla – (from Fulla) handmaiden to Frigg, keeps Frigg’s

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?︎ Jun 11

Looking for the Bible as a novel. Something like what Gaiman did with Norse Mythology.

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?︎ Jul 01

Best version of the Bible to read it as you would other mythology/history – Illiad, Odyssey, Greek and Norse mythology?

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?︎ Jun 22

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?︎ Jul 12

Although I know most of world Skyrim is loosely based Norse mythology, and even after dozens of playthroughs I was pleasantly surprised to see the Hammer of Thor symbol on the warrior stone.

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?︎ Jun 16

Book recommendations similar to “Mythos” and “Heroes” by Stephen Fry or “Norse Mythology” by Neil Gaiman

Yeah, as the title says, I’m looking for other books similar to Mythos, Heroes or Norse Mythology. I’ve read them recently and found them really interesting, so I’m wondering what other books are out there, be they be about Greek, Norse or any other mythology.

Any recommendations or advice on other places to check would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance 🙂

Is there any precedent in Norse Mythology to justify the plot of my fantasy novel?

So a bit of background on my story notes. Aedýr is an elf who was raised in Midgard in a normal Norse villiage.

Her parents were from an old family of Elf mages who could travel between the nine worlds. An ability she unknowingly possesses.

With Álfheimr being a world of light and nature, the closest other environment is of course, Midgard.

During some past crisis that I haven’t fully settled on yet, Aedýr is transported to Midgard to save her life from… whatever. I have a few ideas, but they’re all a bit weak. I’ll get it all smoothed out in the end though.

Anyway, is there any precedent in Norse Mythology for this ability to apparate between these worlds? It would be easy enough to just make it up, and I’m not looking for you to make it up for me, but I’d like to stay as true as possible to Norse and Germanic myth.

for anyone wanting more mythology family trees, here’s where i find mine – it’s greek, norse, and egyptian

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?︎ Jul 27

A Norse Mythology Realm- The Aliiance!

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?︎ Jun 27

This made me believe in the norse mythology

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?︎ Jul 28

Jotunheim: A 3-dimensional abstract based on Norse Mythology

Just came across this and it combines two of my great loves: abstract games and Norse mythology. I greatly appreciate how the designer applied a theme to an abstract to give it cohesion! Plus, the rules are simple, suitable for ages 10 and up, and the implementation of the physical version is beautiful.


Picking Norse mythology makes the most sense

I mean this purely in terms of ‘immortality’. The Greek gods, in Greek mythology were all immortal, like Prometheus for example, he would have his liver eaten by an Eagle and it would come back. The Norse gods (to my knowledge) are the only gods that aren’t immortal, they need those golden apples to keep them eternal, otherwise they would age and eventually die.

Sorry if this has already been posted

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